March 10, 2008

Tokyo Mentsu Dan in Shinjuku

On Sunday I went for lunch at Tokyo Mentsu Dan, which is a few minutes away from the west exit of Shinjuku station. It sells sanuki udon, which is a type of noodle from Kagawa prefecture that in recent years has become popular nationwide. If pressed to say how sanuki udon is different from other types, I think I would describe it as being somewhat al dente.
Outside there is a board in Japanese and garbled English explaining how to proceed from the entrance to the till. My favourite is the note at the bottom that says "If you confuse the way of movement and different, it is okay." I'm glad they made that clear!
Anyway, once you've manoeuvred you way from the noodle counter, past the tempura where you 'take the one of taste at saucer of equipment', and you've paid for it all, you can sit down and enjoy a very hearty, inexpensive lunch. Great stuff!

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