March 23, 2008

Native at 7th Floor, Shibuya

Saturday night I was out in Shibuya to see Native with the official release party for their fourth album titled 'Just Four'. The event was at trendy little spot called 7th Floor, a kind of laid back cafe with a stage. For tonight's set, they were joined by "Mattz" from quasimode on percussion, which further enriched their live sound.

The band's set was divided into two halves with a DJ set in between, and they played tracks from the past as well as from the new album, and the audience were lapping it all up. The crowd became even more animated and lively when a couple of jazz dancers appeared for the new album's title track, 'Just Four', and a couple of others. As ever they closed their set out with 'Diva', an old favourite from the album 'Intentions', and then came back for a two track encore.

The band were on top form tonight and hopefully they can build on their audience from here. After the set I had the chance to chat briefly with sax player, Tomoyoshi Nakamura, who was a really sound guy, and he seemed really happy with the whole evening and the level of appreciation they received.

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