March 09, 2008

Organ Jazz Bar Numabukuro

Near Numabukuro Station in a basement there is a fairly new venue called the Organ Jazz Bar, which has regular live music. It opened about a year and a half ago, and I've been meaning to go for some time. Tonight I finally got round to it. The small but comfortable bar has a grand piano and a vintage Hammond B3 organ as fixtures, and you are sitting right up close to the music, which adds to the atmosphere.
I didn't know anything about who was playing, but decided that Saturday night was as good a night to go as any night, and a real treat it was. There was a four man session of musicians featuring "Fire" Watanabe on soprano and alto sax, though have to confess to not being able to read the other names as my knowledge of kanji is pretty limited. They played a superb energetic set moving between Hammond jazz funk and contemporary jazz, which was well-received by the crowd of just a dozen or so people.

I'll definitely be coming back here at some point.

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