March 31, 2008

Something Nice Pho Lunch

When I go in to Shinjuku at the weekend, I often pop in to have some Vietnamese noodles (pho) at this little place on one of the floors beneath Seibu Shinjuku Station. Due to its location, I imagine the overwhelming majority of its customers are regulars users of the Seibu Shinjuku line, since you probably wouldn't stumble across it otherwise. There are about five different varieties of pho available on the menu, but my favourite is the spicy minced pork with ginger pho. A cheap, quick, tasty and light lunch and well worth trying if you're in the area. They also do tapioca drinks, though I haven't had any of these yet.

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  1. I´ve just stumbled across your blog, and I like it a lot. I´ve never been to Japan, but I´d love to go someday - so I enjoy looking at the photos. So please keep it up:)