July 13, 2008

Malaysia: July 4th - George Town

Headed to Lebu Leith in the evening to have dinner at the outdoor food court called the Red Dragon. The main building is an old Anglo-Indian style house, which must have been very impressive a hundred years ago, though nowadays it is bright red and what was the garden/coutyard area now houses the foodcourt. If my memory serves me correctly, the house was white four years ago and was home to a dodgy karaoke bar and restaurant with horrible flashing lights.
There were numerous stalls, seeling everything from nasi goreng to fish head curry and tofu dishes to steak, all for very reasonable prices. It was a popular place to eat, packed with both locals and tourists, despite the awful 'live music' provided from 10pm.

A selection of dim sum and other Chinese bites.
Taiwanese lemon grass chicken and sweet potato fries.

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