July 13, 2008

Malaysia: July 4th - Fort Cornwallis

Got back into George Town at around two, an after a late lunch of seafood laksa headed off to Fort Cornwallis, the ruins of the fort that was the first British settlement in Malaya that was to become the George Town we know today.

The original settlement, on what was then known as Prince of Wales Island, was an important trading post for the British and helped them gain control of the area from the Dutch colonialists. The modern day mixed population is a result of the free port status conferred on George Town, which attracted people from far and wide.

Nowadays what is left of the fort is open to the public to wander around with a few exhibits to explain something of the history. The staff on the ticket gate dress in 18th century colonial costume too, which must be hot to be honest, oh, and there are, several signs remind you, some wild horses in the grounds. Why, however, is not that clear.

One of the many reminders posted around the grounds.
A reproduction of an early 19th century image of Fort Cornwallis.
"I was framed ~ honest!"

Looking out to sea.

Tethered and quite possibly too exhausted by the heat to do harm, the horses were all hanging out on the ramparts.

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