May 06, 2007

A wander around Daikanyama

With the fantastic weather continuing on Friday, I decided to go and look around the Daikanyama area of Shibuya-ku. Starting from Shibuya station, I stopped on the way at the Marble Cafe for some lunch. I opted for some spaghetti genovese style, but made with shiso (perilla) rather than basil which was pretty tasty. The cafe itself is a typical fashionable hang out with nice decor and murals on the walls (part of which can be seen below).

Outside the cafe next to the menus in the window is the following sign, which was without a doubt written with the (misguided) assistance of translation software.

After lunch I spent a couple of enjoyable hours looking around the various vintage clothing and interior goods shops dotted around Daikanyama. In the streets away from the main road it's difficult to imagine that you're in one of the world's most populous cities, as it's really quiet.

Street art in Daikanyama.

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