May 28, 2007

Just how badly do you need that doughnut?

It would appear that there is something of a dougnut war going on in Tokyo these days with different shops vying for first place. At the moment there appears to be a clear leader in the field, with Krispy Kreme being the doughnut of choice. You can see people wandering around Shinjuku with their de rigueur Krispy Kreme bags filled with dozen boxes of doughnuts. Though you have to be prepared to sacrifice part of your day to get your fix.

This was the queue directly in front of Krispy Kreme the other week, and there was a sign saying that it was an hour and a half from the end of that queue to getting served.
To get to the queue in front of the shop, however, you had to join the long queue trailing back over the bridge to Shinjuku station, as seen here.

Of course, the queue at another shop might be a matter of minutes, but that won't do, because it's not Krispy Kreme.

Now if only I could hit upon a sure-fire winner for the next food/fashion/gadget fad ...

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