May 06, 2007

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions at the Hibiya Park Open Air Arena

Just got back from Hibiya Park where I saw Soil & "Pimp" Sessions in the rain. This is the largest venue I've seen them at so far, and despite booking tickets online the day they went on general sale, I was quite near the back on the 3000-capacity arena.

Even though it was windy and pouring with rain at the start of the gig, and the stage crew had their work cut trying keep the plastic sheeting in place, the band gave a performance as lively as ever to an enthusiastic crowd almost all clad in plastic raincoats. There was a very strict no camera policy, with any transgressors quickly being stopped, so unfortunately I don't have any shots to share.

The two-hour set was a mix of older well-established songs such as "Suffocation", "Summer Goddess" and "Sahara" and a large part of the new album Pimpoint, with "We Want More!!!!" and "The Party" going down really well. As ever Shacho was on form with his chat between songs and the chemistry between the musicians electric. If you haven't seen them already, I strongly recommend them.

After they complete their Japan tour, they're off to Europe in June and will be playing at Glastonbury and also the Jazz Cafe in London.

Some pictures are available on the band's website a the following link:

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