May 01, 2007

Hakone - Day 2 - Hakone Museum of Photography

After a huge breakfast at the pension it was time to check out and explore more sights. First stop was the rather grandly named Hakone Museum of Photography, which in fact turned out to be an annexe of a private house featuring pictures by one photographer ~ the house owner, I guess. You pay your 400 yen on entry and the woman working at the ticket office/souvenir shop/café rang a bell and a little old man appeared. He the showed us around the first floor of the little annexe which featured large prints of pictures taken by his son proudly explaining each shot ("This is Mount Fuji in winter at sunrise," "This is Mount Fuji in the summer on a hazy day," etc...). Thankfully, the second floor had pictures of other sights in the Hakone area, some of which I hadn't heard about, but was intersted in seeing. If I take another trip down this way, I'll make a point of going to see them.

Despite having a big name to live up to, this tiny museum was actually fun to visit ~ the pictures were good, the house is nicely designed, complete with a tiny garden cafe, and whilst not really essential to understanding the pictures, the guided commentary from the photographer's father was nice mainly because he was obviously so proud of the whole set up.

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