March 31, 2007

Around Harajuku

I took advantage of the lovely warm spring weather earlier this week and decided to have a wander around the streets in Harajuku. Takeshita Dori is a street full of clothes and accessory shops aimed at the young and, being the spring holidays now, it was packed even on a Tuesday afternoon, with people milling around at a snail's pace.

It was fun to take in the atmoshere and look at the various different fashions on display. In the same way people used to gather at King's Road in London to gawk at the punks, people come here to watch girls dressed in their Gothic Lolita fashions or to watch the 'cosplay' (costume play, or dressing up as an animation character to you and I).

Saw this T-shirt hanging outside a shop of the same name. I wonder if the reverse is true ~ would most rock'n'roll fans like 'banana fish'?

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