March 16, 2007

Got that bloomin' wrong!

One of the top news stories in Japan on Wednesday this week was that the national meteorological agency made a very deep and public apology because the computer programme they were using to predict the date that cherry blossoms would appear had got the prediction horribly wrong.

Announcements on TV confidently announced that cherry blossoms would first be visible from March 13th in some parts, with a lot of other areas having blossoms by the end of the week. However, a sudden drop in the temperature this week seemed to have foiled the computer programme.

Representatives from the meteorological agency appeared solemnly in front of the media humbly apologising for any inconvenience this misleading prediction may have caused and then bowed deeply.

Funny that they felt the need to apologise so profusely and that it would be such a high priority news story. Just goes to show how important the cherry blossom season is here.

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