April 01, 2009


Okachimachi is a very short hop from Ueno and the station itself is situated in the heart of the downtown shopping district with Ameyoko running parallel to the tracks between the two station of one side of the tracks and Ekimae Dori running on the other side.
On leaving the station I walked west for a few blocks, passing a variety of different shops including this place offering a great combination for the middle of the day.

After walking for about ten minutes or so I reached the steps leading up to the impressive Yushima Shrine, with it extensive grounds that make for a pleasant stroll.

There were a lot of ema (little wooden plaques on which people write their wishes to the gods) hanging up at various points around the shrine, suggesting that it gets a lot of visitors.

The side streets either side of the main road heading back to the station were lined with lots of different late night establishments, including this bar.
Back on Ameyoko-cho, the shoppers at the various stalls were out in force.

Cheeky sign posted outside a bar called Yariki on Ekimae Dori.

Faded sign representing an establishment that no longer appears to be in business.

An almost Village Vanguard-style zakka shop.
The ideal place to get tattooed and dismembered in one go.

This novelty shop had a variety of masks on sale from TV personalities to politicians and scientists of the past.
South of the station there are several blocks taken up by shops that specialise in jewelery and accessories for both retail and wholesale.

All in all Okachimachi is a fun place to wander around and could easily be taken in on a visit to Ueno, since the two stations are so close together.

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