April 04, 2009

Coffee L'Ambre

Coffee L'Ambre is a short walk from the east exit of Shinjuku station on a street that runs just behind Shinjuku Dori. From the street it looks fairly small, with thirty or so seats in a typical old smoky cafe, but the real treat lies in the basement floor, a vast area that seats around two hundred people and is a no smoking area to boot, which is fairly unusual in privately run coffee shops.
The seats are comfortable and the place is large enough for you to easily spend an hour or two chatting with friends or simply relaxing and reading.
As you relax with your coffee you can enjoy the gentle sounds of the piped classical music or simply take in the view, which is reminiscent of years gone by.
As with many coffee shops, there is a reasonable selection of food including savoury treats such as pizza toast and the like, or a selection cakes.

The large chain coffee shops may be better positioned and advertised, but this is a place where you will rarely have to wait for a seat and where you can enjoy your coffee at leisure. Recommended.

Just Another Monkey Rating: ˜˜˜˜˜

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