April 09, 2009

Cherry Blossoms in Nakano Last Sunday

Last weekend was probably the peak time for cherry blossom viewing around Tokyo with many areas having trees in full bloom. Nakano was no exception, and I decided to take a ride on my bike to have a look. In retrospect, however, it was a mistake as there were so many people wandering around in varying states of inebriation that progress by bicycle was no faster than it would have been on foot.
The lower part of Tetsugakudo (Philosopher's Park) is a popualr place for hanami parties and ther were hundreds of people having picnics under the trees there.
Riding or driving along Nakano Dori at this time of year is like going through a light pink tunnel. The traffic moves at a much slower pace during these few weeks as drivers slow down to take in the view.
The Nakano Sakura Matsuri was taking place in Arai Yakushi park and even more people were out picnicking here with live performances from enka singers and hula dancers. If you're thinking of going next year, be warned that you need to stake out a picnic spot very early.

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