March 23, 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2009

Yesterday was the Tokyo Marathon, an event which saw some 35,000 runners beating the tarmac around the capital. The conditions weren't exactly ideal as it was a blustery and cloudy day, but luckily the rain held off for the duration of the race. Of course I wasn't one of the participants in the race myself ~ I watched some of the TV coverage from the comfort of my flat ~ but the event did hold an interest for me this year as a friend from work took part. It was his first marathon and he completed the race in a very impressive 3 hours 31 minutes. Nice one mate!

Will this inspire me to train for next year's race?

I doubt it somehow. I'm happy enough with my 40 minute jogs a couple of times a week and don't really relish the pain barrier that marathons no doubt hold.

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