March 09, 2009

Edinburgh Shinjuku

Located on Yasukuni Dori in Shinjuku, Edinburgh is a coffee shop that has the look of a place that has been around for some time. The interior is in the style of more traditional coffee shops of years gone by, with lots of browns and yellows.
The coffee is pretty good and is made with a siphon, meaning each drink is made specifically to order rather than poured from a large pot, which can only be a good thing. There is also a large choice of coffee types on the menu, with several different blends as well as things such as Viennese and Irish coffee.

I ordered a cake set, though to be honest the cake wasn't that good and not as fresh as you might hope, especially since the coffee and cake came to 1,100 yen! There is a variety of cakes and sandwiches on the menu, though all of the prices are on the high side.

My guess is that the prices are high because the coffee shop is just a short walk away from the Kabuki-cho entertainment district and it is open 24 hours a day, meaning that it is likely that thy have a steady night trade.
Worth visiting once to get a feel for the more traditional coffee shops, but a little pricey for regular visits as far as I'm concerned.

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