March 20, 2009

Times Shinjuku

The Times coffee shop is just a short walk from the East exit of Shinjuku station. This is another coffee shop that seems to have a long history with dark brown worn tables and red upholstered chairs. It also has 'coffee' written in kanji rather than in the more normal katakana, suggesting a more traditional approach.
It's a fairly spacious place and you can relax and pick up one of the many newspapers on offer near the entrance. In fact, a lot of the customers appeared to be poring studiously over the racing form guides on the sports pages and making notes on scraps of paper.
The coffee itself tasted very good but was a little on the tepid side by the time it reached my table. In addition, none of the staff seem to believe in offering service with a smile, or maybe it was just a bad day.

Good coffee and a nice enough place to relax and read for a bit, but the tepid drink, and not so friendly service loses this place one star on my rating.

Just Another Monkey Rating: ˜˜˜˜˜

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