May 06, 2008

Fukushima: Day 2 - Aizu Wakamatsu

If you continue on the train from Yunokami Onsen, you eventually arrive in Aizu Wakamatsu, a town with a rich history and plenty to see, as well as having a hot spring area. For just 500 yen you can get a one day pass for the sightseeing loop bus that stops at various different points around town. First stop for me was Nanokamachi, an area featuring several attractive old buildings and some interesting shops to look around.

Nanokamachi Station is also home to nice little cafe and zakka shop, and it would be easy to while away time here if you really wanted to.

Over the road from Nanokamchi Station is Amidaji Temple, where some of the fallen soldiers of the Boshin Uprising are buried.

A houjicha (roasted tea) vendor freshly roasting tea leaves in the street. At just 100 yen for a large pack, it was an absolute bargain.
One of the high points in the town is the Oyakuen garden featuring medicinal herb plots, as well as a wonderfully landscaped traditional garden complete with pond and tea arbour. It was nice just wander around and the sit and take in the scenery in total peace and quiet.

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