May 06, 2008

Fukushima: Day 1 - Tounohetsuri

Having got back from the UK just a couple of days earlier, I decided to take advantage of the rest of the Golden Week holiday and headed off to Fukushima prefecture for a couple of days in order to recharge my batteries before going back to work. It was my first visit but I'd heard that there was plenty to see ~ and of course it was going to be quieter than Tokyo, even in the busy Golden Week period.

A couple of hours on a train from Shinjuku got me as far as Aizu Tajima, and this was followed by a scenic journey on a local train to Tounohetsuri, a tiny little station in the middle of a wood. The only reason to get off here is to take the short walk through the wood down to the riverside, where you can see the stunning rocks on the far bank of the river, formed over millions of years of erosion. You can stroll over the rather bouncy suspension bridge to the other side and visit a small shrine in the rocks as well as take in the spectacular view.

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