May 19, 2008

Books: Friend Of The Devil by Peter Robinson

Friend Of The Devil is the seventeenth in the Chief Inspector Banks series, though I have to confess that it is the first of Peter Robinson's books that I've read. In this installment, Banks is investigating the brutal murder and rape of a young 19 year old girl in an area of town known as The Maze. Despite the crime having been committed on a Saturday night, Banks and his team seem to be unable to find any witnesses to the event. At the same time, in Whitby, Banks' one time colleague DI Cabbott is investigating the murder of a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic woman.

As both investigations proceed, it becomes apparent that the two seemingly different crimes may in fact be linked in some way. Banks and Cabbot will have to put the past behind them and find a way to be able to work again in order to solve both crimes.

The description of the area that the novel takes place in together with the good use of dialogue is reminiscent in part of one of Robinson's contemporaries, Ian Rankin, which can only be a good thing. Based on this outing, I will certainly be looking at reading some of the other books in the Banks series.

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