August 27, 2009


Shinagawa Station is a major hub on the Yamanote Line, being served by the shinkansen as well as several Tokyo local lines, and the area has a distinct feeling of modernity about it with most of the surrounding buildings, particularly on the Konan side having been constructed in the last two decades.

Shinagawa Intercity is an ultra-modern office complex that dominates the skyline next to the station, with it distinctive glass and steel tower.

A small area of one or two blocks near the station contains the type of eateries and bars typically found near stations, though this area is quite small compared to other neighbourhoods.
One thing in Shinagawa that doesn't figure in every locality is the meat wholesalers' market, occupying a large area near Shinagawa Intercity, complete with the Meat Information Hall, presumably for everything you ever wanted to know about flesh consumption.

Generally speaking, however, the area is pretty devoid of character, with lots of large offices for major companies, and some high end serviced apartments, but little else for the casual visitor.

One reason why most foreign residents in Tokyo will be familiar with the area is that the immigration office is nearby and a visit is required periodically to renew your visa. And to be honest, I can't really see myself having to come back here again until the next visa renewal date comes round.

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