January 18, 2009

Langsam Langsam

Saturday evening, I decided to eat out in Nakano in a restaurant I hadn't tried before. After wandering around a bit looking at what was on offer, I settled for a place called Langsam Langsam, which had a promising looking menu.
There was a huge wine menu and a wide selection of dishes, but I opted for the very reasonable dinner course at just 2,500 a head.

The starter of the day consisted of pork tongue and sauteed shrimp.
The soup of the day was carrot potage.
I chose sauteed cod with saffron potatoes for my main dish.
The meal was rounded off with a light black sesame dessert.
The walls of the restaurant are decorated with wine corks, and the service was excellent. Langsam Langsam is a wonderful place for a delicious meal that you can eat at a leisurely pace. I'll definitely be coming back.

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