August 08, 2008

Dinner on Ponto-cho Dori

On Tuesday evening I headed out for dinner with my colleagues and we opted for a very Kyoto experience and had dinner at a small restaurant on Ponto-cho Dori called Aritsune, that specialises in Kyoto-style steamed dishes.

It was a very relaxing and slow-food experience, with the meal lasting well over three hours. The food was incredibly healthy and delicious to boot. Also, once the owner realised we could all speak Japanese, he gave a very detailed explanation of every dish.

If you happening to be in Kyoto I can thoroughly recommend this restaurant ~ really friendly and some of the best food you can hope to taste.From left to right, mackerel, salmon cartilage and the roe of some fish I can't remember
Steamed vegetables
A selection of sashimi
Steamed pork with asparagus

Aubergine and ginger soup
Steamed fish and tofu
A serving of rice
Steamed chocolate cake for dessert
The owner showing us out of his restaurant after a three hour feast.

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