January 30, 2008

indigo jam unit @ duo

It's January being the last Monday, that could only mean one place to go as far as I was concerned ~ duo music exchange in Shibuya to see indigo jam unit. The first time I saw them was one year ago for their Tokyo debut, and since then they have certainly grown in confidence. They have also increased in popularity by the looks of things, as there were hardly any tables out this evening, and it was practically standing room only.

The music started with a first set from indigo jam unit, kicking off with 'Adrenaline' from the latest album and then mixing newer tunes with old. Shimi on drums looked like he was really enjoying himself. The first set was about 50 minutes or so and featured several songs from their latest album such as 'Buffalo' and 'Matador', and some older favourites such as '7th Feeling'. Attention then switched to the back of the auditorium and the support artist Tsuji Kosuke on percussion. He was joined on drums by Takeshi Numazawa and between them they drummed up a real storm. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that many of Tsuji Kosuke's performances are pretty much improvised, and if this is indeed the case, then it's very impressive indeed. The last piece the two played was a very long piece indeed that changed mood and tempo several times before building up to a thunderous climax.

Then, after a short interval, indigo jam unit were back on stage for their second set ~ starting with popular dance tracks 'Sakura' and 'Scene - Cartaincall' and the newer 'Switch'. The next section featured some slower pieces, with 'Ren' and 'Tsui so' from the new album going down well. The last section featured some fast and furious playing with the set being closed out with "2x2" and "Sphinx". After thanking all and sundry involved on the tour, the band were out for a two track encore with "Ka I Ka" and "Palette" and the lights went up shortly after eleven o'clock.

A great night out, as always, and I'm planning to be at their next Tokyo date on the last Monday in May.

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