January 05, 2008

Books: Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin

I've only a read a few of the Rebus novels to date, but I always find them hugely enjoyable. This is the thirteenth in the series and in it we find the St. Leonard's team investigating the murder of an Edinburgh art dealer. Rebus, however, is soon taken off the case after throwing a cup of tea at DCS Templer. For his sins, he is sent off to police college to be retrained with some other recalcitrant officers from the region to learn the benefits of teamwork and cooperation. Rebus soon realises, however, that the members of the group are suspicious of each other and seem more interested in protecting secrets than working together.

As always, Rankin's observations, cultural references and use of witty dialogue ('Do the words "tea", "mug" and "lob" mean anything to you?' 'Tea mug lob? Is that a Cocteau Twins track?' he won a smile from her.) are spot on, all adding to a sense of reality.
I haven't actually been to Edinburgh, but have a vision of it from Rankin's books, much like I have a vision of Louisiana from James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux books.
On the whole, probably the best of the Rebus books I've read to date.

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