June 17, 2007

Hydrangea festival at Toshimaen

The rainy season in Japan is the best time to see hydrangeas in full bloom, and at Toshimaen in Nerima-ku there is the so-called annual Hydrangea Festival. Toshimaen is a large park-like space home to an amusement park, multiplex cinema and resort spa. Part of the park hosts a garden space full of hydrangeas (more than 10,000 blooms according to the flier) and you can either walk through on foot or take the miniature train.

A walk through the park followed by some sushi at a restaurant near the station was a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Mikiko4:28 am

    Hi Sean!!How are you?
    Actually,I'm really mising Ajisai now.
    Thank you for putting Ajisai pictures,It's remainds me Japanese TUYU-season.

  2. Hi Mikiko,

    I'm fine. How are things in London? I hope you're having a good time.