February 13, 2007

A trip to Yokohama - 1 - Chinatown

We've just had a holiday weekend in Japan, and I decided to take advantage of the extra day with a little trip down to Yokohama. It's just over an hour away by train, and I arrived at Motomachi-Chukagai Station at lunchtime on Sunday, and then proceeded to wander around Chinatown (Chukagai).

As is always the case on holiday weekends in Japan, thousands of others had the same idea too, so the streets were packed with visitors. It was easy to tell which restaurants were popular simply by looking at the queues outside. Going to a restaurant to eat Chinese food is done in groups though, as they tend to serve large courses, so rather than over eat I went for some food at the many street stalls, such as the steamed pork dumplings, which were great.

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