February 08, 2007

I've got a brand new toy

The shopping trip to Shinjuku after work on Saturday was with a specific purchase in mind. My 500 yen 'toys for boys' savings jar was full and I already knew what I wanted. I had thought about it for some time, but at last I decided to act positively and actually go out and buy a keyboard ~ or, to be more precise, a Roland synthesizer.

Now being a musical novice, the next trick is to learn how actually play the thing! Having said that, since it's a synthesizer, with a bit of practice and some MIDI software for the PC, it may well be possible to produce something resembling an original tune at some point on the next few months. Also, it means I can do all my practice using headphones, so I won't be driving the neighbours mad ~ I'll be the only one to suffer!

The first stage is going to be to practice some piano chords, so I can familiarise myself with how it all works. There will be progress reports in the coming weeks and months.

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