December 11, 2006

Christmas shopping in Shinujku

Went to Shinjuku on Sunday to do battle with thousands of other shoppers and do some Christmas shopping. Had good fun looking at stuff I couldn't afford (nor would dream of buying) as well as stuff I was actually interested in. Managed to get some of the presents I was looking for, though not all, and also managed to find a new hat shop -- CapTain -- so the collection has grown a bit. If I carry on like this, I could become the Imelda Marcos of hats, but I still have a long way to go yet.

Was shopping into the evening, so eating out was on the cards, and I plumped for okonomiyaki at Boteju. It was good to eat okonomiyaki after so many months without it -- good enough to warrant a return visit sometime, but not quite the same as you get in Hiroshima.

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