November 11, 2006

Galerie Coupe-Chou

Friday evening I met up with a couple of former students from Hiroshima for an "SCB Tokyo Branch Party" (which is meaningless to all but those in the know). I was surprised that Akiko was in Tokyo, since the last time we had spoken, she was preparing to move to Hawaii. I did, however, know that Atsuko was in Tokyo, but hadn't got round to meeting her since I moved here.

We met up at Shinjuku station and headed to a cosy little French restaurant that Atsuko had reserved, which was tucked away on a little backstreet. It's one of those places that you need to know about, as you're not going to stumble across it by accident.

We had an enjoyable evening catching up on news and savouring the delicious food. Definitely need to have another SCB party and also need to visit this restaurant again.

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  1. I had really a wonderful time with you and Atsuko. The food was great, the wine matched it beautifully, and I enjoyed talking with you two. Let's meet up together again somewhere in Tokyo.

    I also posted the article in my blog.