October 04, 2006


Hello and welcome. This is really my first attempt at a blog, and hopefully I won't get lost for words. The plan is to post stuff that interests me (and hopefully you, the reader[s??] too!), some occasional thoughts and reflections, and other odd tidbits of trivia, together with some pictures.


  1. Nice. Not sure about the book but I'll be checking out the music. Where did the hat thing come from?

    Morgan Delt

  2. The hat thing? Dunno really ... bought one about 2 years back and since then I've always been on the lookout for more. I have about half a dozen now -- not quite a hat for every occasion, but
    getting there!

    It's 'my boom', as the Japanese would say.

    The main thing is getting the right szie -- damn bighead that I am!

  3. Strange really, as a child I always wore a hat. Also I must admit I insisted on carrying a stick, not your usual twig sort of thing but a blue painted version with chrome ends. Early pictures will show me sporting both. Some relative, possibly Uncle Perce told me hats led to baldness and I haven't worn one since. The stick thing just started to feel silly, not unreasonably I feel.