June 05, 2009

Coffee Tea Jazz

Coffee Tea Jazz (I've made the assumption that this is the name of the cafe, since there was no other sign on display) is tucked away on a narrow shoutengai (shopping street) in Koenji Minami. Bright and welcoming from the outside with its white wooden terrace doors, the interior has a couple of tables and a short counter, making it a comfortable, airy, but intimate spot to enjoy a cup of your favourite brew.
Behind the counter there is a very extensive collection of jazz albums dating back to the fifties and sixties, with many album sleeves also forming part of the decor around the cafe. The owner is friendly yet unobtrusive and while not making the drinks, he sits quietly behind the counter enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. There is a bilingual menu, and an extensive choice of coffee blends and explanations of the different aspects of the flavour of each type and the prices are reasonable for this type of place. I opted for Brazilian coffee which was simply delicious. Whilst the menu doesn't feature any food, customers are welcome to bring along there own snacks to eat with there beverages.
A little out of the way for many perhaps, but if it's a nice place to read and relax that you're after, then this cafe is just the right spot.

Just Another Monkey Rating: ˜˜˜˜˜

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