May 05, 2009


Kanda is located in the heart of Tokyo and like other places on the eastern side of the city, it's a neighbourhood with a long history. These days it is buzzing with life as a commercial centre, with many companies with offices in the area. I spent a good three hours or so wandering around the blocks near the station on the look out for something of interest, but it was soon clear that this was not going to be as exciting as some of the other neighbourhoods on the Yamanote Line I've already visited.
A shoe-shine man plying his trade outside the station.
This property doesn't look as expensive as the metal it's named after, and more likely than not, the plot of land is worth more than the building given where it is located.
Being a business-oriented area, there is a demand for shops like this one selling cheap business shirts.
Wherever there is a blank surface in Tokyo, there are people will post stickers, though given that these stickers can be seen all over the city, a small group of people must be pretty busy put them up at night.
Statue outside one of the station exits.
You might expect to see this lively looking canopy outside a live venue or something similar, but in fact it is in front of a spaghetti restaurant.
With Akihabara only one stop away, it is inevitable that there will be some spill over into the Knda area, and here we have a Cosplay Pub catering to the Akiba crowd.
Improvised shelters built by homeless people under one of the many railway bridges in the area.
So cheap even monkeys want to shout about cheap brand goods.
Along with railway bridges, flyovers are another (not so) attractive feature of the Kanda area.

With the area mainly being a commercial district these days, there are plenty of glass and steel office blocks to be seen.

Clearly a Beatles-influenced establishment.

On the whole, there is little to attract the casual visitor to Kanda, as the area is predominantly filled with office blocks. One of the more interesting features of the area is the juxtaposition of ultra-modern office buildings and old unoccupied shop buildings dating back decades awaiting demolition. The famous Kanda Myojin shrine is worth visiting, but is actually closer to Ochanomizu Station than Kanda Station.

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