November 24, 2008


Having started this project at Shin-Okubo, on Sunday I went to the next stop, Takadanobaba, high up in Shinjku ward, or simply Baba as it's commonly referred to as. Due to its location, it has a high student population, and as a result a lot of cheap izakaya and a wide selection of international restaurants to cater to that clientele.
Immediately next to the station is Big Box, a building housing some shops, a karaoke box, a gym and a bowling alley. Despite its rather plain appearance, it has actually been refurbished fairly recently.
The square in front of it is often used as a meeting point for students in the evening and you can often see large groups of young people in various stages of inebriation there as the evening wears on.
Under the railway bridge, there are two murals dedicated to animator Osamu Tezuka, who was the creator of the world-famous Astro Boy.

The small river that runs just behind Waseda Dori.
Most of the shops, restaurants and bars of interest are on or near Waseda Dori, including The Blue Parrot, one of the best-known secondhand English bookshops in Tokyo.
A good place for a drink or a bite to eat is Cafe Cotton Club, which also features live jazz in the evenings.

For my Sunday lunch I opted for a curry at a place called Malabar, which was OK but nothing special.

After lunch, I wandered past Babakuchi and into Waseda past this replica gun shop and on as far as Ana-Hachiman shrine.

I turned off Waseda Dori and doubled back towards the sprawling Toyama Park which is split between two locations.

Dance practice in the park.
Graffiti in Toyama Park.

Baba is a fairly laid back place that is worth visiting from time to time to pick up some books and also to eat out.

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