October 07, 2008

A Look Around Shimokitazawa

Shimokitzawa is a hip little neighbourhood tucked away in Setagaya ward that is famous for its secondhand clothes shops, live music venues and small independent theatres. There is a network of narrow streets running immediately north and south of the station that are packed with literally hundreds of small establishments, and it would take a few visits to fully familiarise yourself with everything you can see there.

I spent a couple of hours wandering around after lunch, generally soaking up the atmosphere but not really hanging anywhere for too long. I felt that it was similar in some ways to Koenji in that it seems to attract a similar kind of person, though it certainly has its own unique atmosphere.There a number of shops selling antiques or retro toys from the Showa period.

Some buildings are adorned with paintings and some shops have pretty colourful shutters.
Sounds like a winning combination to me.
An incredibly narrow building.

As with Koenji, there is a wide selection of secondhand clothes shops and record/CD shops.

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