February 24, 2008

J.A.M. at Apple Store, Ginza

Following a bit of fortuitous net-surfing I found what I was going to do with myself on Saturday night, and after work I was out the door and off to Ginza and the bright lights and ultra chic shops. On the third floor of the Apple Store is a theatre space which, judging from the flyers, is normally used for product promotion events and seminars. Last night, however, there was an event of a different kind, as J.A.M. were playing a live set as a promotional event for the "Jazzy Joint" EP that was recently released on iTunes Japan (and ahead of their debut album out in just under two weeks) to a lucky select audience of about 80-100 people.

The lights went down at 7 p.m. and on screen was the promotional video for the lead track 'Jazzy Joint' featuring Jose James on vocals. After that the band came on and played a 50 minute or so set with their usual passion and verve. No matter how many times I see J.A.M. (or Soil & "Pimp" Sessions) they never fail to impress me ~ their musicianship and energy is simply a wonder to watch. And tonight being in a tiny venue there was the added benefit of seeing them very close up as they played.

The set was closed out with a storming version of "Quiet Passion" and the went off to rapturous applause before a mellower track for the encore. A superb way to spend the evening, made even better by the fact that it was an on-the-spot decision.

Just counting down the album release now ...

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