August 27, 2007

Kuchi and Coppe' at the British Council

Whilst the venue was maybe a place that people associate with education, Saturday night was a live music night at the British Council, with two acts providing an evening of electronica. First up was Coppe' (pronounced Cop-pay), with her multi-colored hair. Apparently, she is something of a veteran of the underground electronica scene having released several albums over the years both in Japan and the US. Her vocal style has the quirkiness of Bjork and the thirty minute set embraced a variety of styles, including a cover of 'Fly Me To The Moon' and the popular 'Alien Mermaid', co-produced with Mickey The Cat.

After a break, it was the turn of Kuchi, a band featuring Mickey The Cat (aka Mike T.), who were making their debut live appearance. Sound-wise, the music was dark and brooding with vocalist Mari belting out vocals over the electronic beats, swirling synths and guitar.

Not a bad evening's entertainment, especially since it was free.

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